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Child Division: Lau Yan Ting Cherilyn (Gold Medal) 
Teenage Division: Wong Ting Lam (Silver Medal)
Teenage Division: Tse Tze Tsin Elettra (Bronze Medal)
Girls 4 (age 12-13): Wong Ting Lam (Finalist)        
Girls 5 (age 13-14): Wong Ting Lam (Silver Medal)
Girls 6 (age 15-17): Kam Hui Ling Irene (Finalist)
Boys 3 (age 12-14): Li Caleb (Finalist) The 7th Young Ballet Stars Award 第7屆芭蕾舞超星大賞
The 38th Open Dance Contest 第38屆全港公開舞蹈比賽